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Prior to training as an actor, Joe spent 5 years working as a croupier and inspector in a number of casinos across the UK including Aspers Casino (Swansea), Casino at The Empire (London, Leicester Square) and The Hippodrome (London, Leicester Square.) Since then, alongside acting, he's worked as a gaming adviser and dealt on screen for casino scenes on a number of high profile productions including:

Deadpool & Wolverine (Marvel) 2023, Infinite (Paramount Pictures) 2021, Eurovision (Oblik Productions) 2019, The Hustle (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) 2018, On The River (Kingship Pictures) 2018, Vanity Fair (ITV) 2017, Harlots (ITV) 2017-18, I Live With Models (Comedy Central) 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Lucas Films) 2016, Lucky Man (Sky 1) 2015-16, The Sun Trap (BBC) 2016, Hoff The Record (Dave) 2016

Working both in front of camera and behind the scenes, Joe has experience liaising with directors, producers, cast members and various other departments helping to give an insight into how things work inside a real casino, as well as explaining the rules of each game (blackjack, poker [3 card, texas holdem & 5 card stud], baccarat [traditional & punto banco], roulette, casino war, pique and faro, among others) in order for them to be portrayed accurately. (Roulette)


Pennyworth - Warner Brothers (Poker)

pennyworth 1.jpg
pennyworth 2.jpg

Infinite - Paramount (Blackjack)

infinite pic.jpg

Lucky Man - Carnival Film & TV (Blackjack & Roulette)

Lucky Man Roulette.jpg

I Live With Models - Comedy Central (Blackjack)

I Live With Models

Mr Selfridge - ITV (Baccarat)

Mr Selfridge

The Sun Trap - BBC (Roulette)

Suntrap KA.jpg
Suntrap KN.jpg

On The River - Kingship Productions (Texas Hold 'em [Poker])


Hoff the Record - Me + You Productions (Blackjack)

Hoff the Record

Harlots - Monumental Pictures (Faro)

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